Improving Type-ahead By Cleaning Up Recent Contacts

Lisa Duke (Tips In Two)  April 25 2010 11:25:35 AM
Wondering why you are getting crazy email addresses in the type-ahead in IBM Lotus Notes?  Learn why this is happening and how to clean it up in this brief video from Simplified Technology Solutions, Inc.


1Fred Janssen  09/05/2010 9:08:33 AM  Again a slighly simpler way to perform this.


There a simpler way to perform this, but you'll need the Lotus Notes 8.5.2 client.

When a unwanted e-mail address pops-up during type-ahead right-click and select Delete. Then OK on the confirmation and you're on your way without ever leaving your document.

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2Lisa Duke  09/28/2010 12:04:04 PM  Thank you!


3Brian Graham  08/18/2011 3:04:02 PM  Recent Contacts=Cancer?

Has anyone found a 'good' use for "Recent Contacts". Inr the environments where I've worked, it seems that Recent Contacts has been more of a headache than a blessing. If there is a useful application for this 'feature', I'd like to know what it is!

4Lisa Duke (Tips In Two)  08/23/2011 5:44:49 AM  Recent Contacts

I think recent contacts is actually a cool idea in theory. Adding everyone who emails you to your contacts allows you just to start typing in their names or email addresses and have the email address fill in. No need to add them in manually. The problem, as you've observed, is that you don't necessarily want every spammer's email address or someone's internal only email address for another company that won't work for you in your email contacts.

Since this feature was added, IBM has added some features to allow you to better manage these settings. Unfortunately, most of them aren't managable with polices yet. Have the annoyed user open their contacts, then select more > preferences > do not automatically add > recent contacts.

There are also some features coming in 8.5.3 to allow the user more ways to manage this.

There are also some Notes.ini settings that control what type of addresses get added to recent contacts. For example, you can stop Domino directory addresses from being added, or specific internet domains.

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