Where To Go For More Tips Like These

Lisa Duke (Tips In Two)  August 10 2011 09:19:11 AM
I thought I should post a brief update for anyone coming across this site.  While STS was very active in posting to Tips in Two for awhile, we are pleased to report that IBM has taken up the cause of posting great tips, including videos, over on the Notes and Domino Wiki.    In fact, several leaders in the Lotus community were instrumental in kicking off a huge content creation blitz, called Wiki Madness, in 2010.  STS gave IBM permission to repost our videos there.  Since video creation at that point became more of an IBM/Community task, the team at STS has not seen a need to create updates here.

Feel free to look back at the videos that are already here, as they remain relevant.  And do check out the Notes and Domino Wiki for more!

Live Lotus Notes User Training Available In Boston Next Week

Lisa Duke (Tips In Two)  May 7 2010 01:19:54 AM
Jess Straton, Susan Bulloch, and Rob Axelrod are presenting a full day of training for IBM Lotus Notes Users.  Learn more about customizing Notes, calendaring and scheduling, and the Notes 8 sidebar after a great keynote by Alistair Rennie, General Manager of Lotus Software at IBM.

$100 off if you register by May 10, so check it out today!  

Lisa Duke from Simplified Technology Solutions, sponsor of this screencast site, will be in town for the conference, so stop by our booth and register to win a netbook while you are there.

To learn more or to register, click here.

Find a Specific Email in Another Folder

Lisa Duke (Tips In Two)  May 5 2010 12:21:40 PM
Finding where a specific email appears in the flow of all your documents can be a helpful trick in locating another message.  Learn how in this video!

How to Create a Clickable Link in An Email

Lisa Duke (Tips In Two)  April 30 2010 12:00:55 PM
Wondering how to create a clickable link to a webpage from an IBM Lotus Notes email?  Learn how in this video.

Improving Type-ahead By Cleaning Up Recent Contacts

Lisa Duke (Tips In Two)  April 25 2010 11:25:35 AM
Wondering why you are getting crazy email addresses in the type-ahead in IBM Lotus Notes?  Learn why this is happening and how to clean it up in this brief video from Simplified Technology Solutions, Inc.

How to delete a folder in Lotus Notes

Darren Duke (Tips In Two)  February 22 2010 10:07:00 AM
Lotus Notes users occasionally have the need to delete folders (provided you have sufficient access to the database in question), be it in their own mail file or an application.

See how in this episode of Tips In Two.

How to move a folder in Lotus Notes

Darren Duke (Tips In Two)  February 21 2010 01:18:54 PM
Lotus Notes users occasionally have the need to move folders, be it in their own mail file or an application.

See how in this episode of Tips In Two.

The case of the missing emails (aka the disappearing inbox)

Darren Duke (Tips In Two)  February 10 2010 07:58:00 AM
You are a Lotus Notes and you swear that emails are slowly disappearing from your inbox. Where have the gone?

Oh, yes, and we survived Christmas, New Years and Lotusphere, so expect a somewhat more regular flow of tips over then next month or so....

Have your Lotus Notes calendar display multiple time zones

Darren Duke (Tips In Two)  February 8 2010 08:22:00 AM
If you are a Lotus Notes user who travels across time zones, let you calendar do the time zone math for you!

Connections: Create an Activity and To Dos

Lisa Duke (Tips In Two)  February 4 2010 09:04:04 PM
This video demonstrates how to create an Activity in Connections and how to add detail steps to accomplish the Activity in the form of To Dos.  Using Connections to coordinate Activities and To Dos is a great way to keep everyone on the team up to date on what needs to be done, who needs to do it, and what the status of the work is.